When I am looking for a place to go to on holidays with my family, I like to gather as much information as possible beforehand. I’m usually looking for the information published on the internet but they can be misleading. However, in the case of The Villa Zala Bali, the information that I found there, were more than correct. I wrote to Andrej, the owner of the villas who was also our host, driver, guide (and at the end we became good friends) to get more information about necessary luggage. He advised us well what to pack for three children and two adults without paying for overweight and to be able to carry all the bags around.

The travel itself from Slovenia to Denpasar was long and exhausting but a great plus was that one travelling with family enjoys privileges, like boarding right after first class, children friendliness, no long waiting times in queues for customs clearance and so on.

Andrej tries to fulfil all the wishes that his guests could have. He took us to breathtaking views, if we asked, he stopped the car so we could take pictures, taught us a lot about Balinese culture and geography and the best of all, he was able to connect with our children and they just loved him. One evening Andrej organized a trustful babysitter and we were able to go out without the children to get a taste of Kuta’s night life.

At the end of our holidays all of us said: “We do not want to go home yet!” The children often mention that they are missing Bali and they would like to return. Me too!

Andrej, his wife and all of his staff are just amazing. Holidays there were like living in paradise!

Doris, Davorin,Tilen, Tinka,